Social Studies Education Student Award

The Lieutenant Governor's Social Studies Education Student Award was created in 2017 to recognize Alberta's post-secondary students who are graduating with a Bachelor of Education Degree and who demonstrate the academic aptitude and passion to lead their students in a lifelong discovery of history and heritage.

This flows from Lieutenant Governor Mitchell's dedication to and love of history education. The award itself is an owl in crystal, representing knowledge and positive change in the world.

Recipients are selected from a list of nominees provided by their Faculty. Each nominee is invited by the Office of the Lieutenant Governor to prepare a presentation on the Alberta or Canadian history topic of their choosing and present their work to a committee of educators. The judging committee selects one student from each participating school to receive the award.


Her Honour presents the award to Baba Thiam from Campus St. Jean 
Announcing the Recipients and Finalists for 2019
Jenna Berild, Red Deer College. Finalist: Erika Yates.

Mitchell Duram, University of Lethbridge. Finalists: Jazmin Roe, Jordan Weimer

Zoée Fenelon, St. Mary's University, Calgary. Finalists: Iylish Franssen and Tanis Lefebvre 

Logyn Jackstreit, Medicine Hat College. Finalists: Mark Elson, Chloe Herman

Jennifer Kelsey, Ambrose University, Calgary. Finalist: Jarrett Frehlich

Baba ThiamCampus St. Jean, Edmonton. Finalist: Thierno Dem

Justine Wright, Concordia University, Edmonton. Finalist: Megan Alexandruk 


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Her Honour presents the award to Justine Wright from Concordia University 

Congratulations and thank you to everyone who took part in the program this year,. Her Honour would also like to thank the wonderful people who sat on this year's judging panels: 

Campus St. Jean: Chana MacDonald, Carla Peck, Genevieve Tannas

Concordia University: Jim Higgs, Jenna Morrish, Chana MacDonald, Genevieve Tannas

Medicine Hat College: Camille Quinton, David George, James Rempel

Red Deer College: Brian Holland, Jim Higgs, Amanda Jeffries, Jenna Morrish, Chana MacDonald

St. Mary's University/Ambrose University: Bob Cocking, Jennifer George, Taylor Gierl, Patti Dennill,  Layla Leard, Brooklyn Hamper

University of Lethbridge: Ken Brown, Lola Major, Greg Kostiuk, Rick Homan, Kimberly Lewis



Taylor Gierl, award recipient from Mount Royal University, and Lieutenant Governor Mitchell at the award presentation at Heritage Park in Calgary on April 28, 2018.

Congratulations to the 2018 recipients and finalists:

Brandon Day, Campus St. Jean, University of Alberta, Edmonton. Runner up: Alexandra Daigle

Brett Fawcett, Concordia University, Edmonton. Runner up: Dominic Lodge

Taylor Gierl, Mount Royal University, Calgary. Runners up: Jessica Byrne and Rebecca King.

Devin O'Brien, St. Mary's University, Calgary. Runners up: Diana Jaramillo Martinez and L.J. Pic 

Thank you to the judges for sharing their time and expertise as members of the Calgary and Edmonton judging panels: Gerard Birminham, Jennifer George,  Brooklyn Hamper, Jim Higgs,  Brian Holland, Layla Leard, Chana MacDonald, Jenna Morrish, Gisèle Rheault, Jessica Pidkowa, Genevieve Tannas, Stéphane Van De Walle.

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Lieutenant Governor Mitchell presents the award to Caitlin Krieger at Concordia University on May 30, 2017. 

Congratulations to the 2017 recipients and finalists:

Aldo Bruccoleri, 2017 recipient, Burman University in Lacombe

Caitlin Krieger, 2017 recipient, Concordia University in Edmonton 

Layla Leard, 2017 recipient Mount Royal University in Calgary 

Brooklyn Hamper, 2017 recipient, St. Mary’s University in Calgary 

Edmonton: Brent Bradford, Linda Collier, Heather Enzie, Jim Higgs, Rob Lennard, Constance Murphy

Breanne Oakie, Maureen Stratton, John Tidswell

Thank you to the judges for sharing your time and expertise. Calgary: Matt Berrigan, Heather Enzie, Jim Higgs, Rob Lennard, Breanne Oakie. Edmonton: Brent Bradford, Linda Collier, Heather Enzie, Jim Higgs, Rob Lennard, Constance Murphy, Breanne Oakie, Maureen Stratton, John Tidswell.