The Highest Honour for Albertans

The Alberta Order of Excellence is the highest honour the Province of Alberta can bestow on a citizen. Members of the Alberta Order of Excellence come from all walks of life. Their careers range from medicine, science, engineering, law, and business to politics, education, agriculture and the arts. The one thing all members have in common is that they have made an outstanding provincial, national, or international impact.

The Alberta Order of Excellence is about more than simply doing one’s job well. It’s about recognizing Albertans who have made a difference, who have served Albertans with excellence and distinction, and whose contributions will stand the test of time.

Illuminating the Alberta Order of Excellence is a hardcover volume chronicling the careers and achievements of each member. It is available at the University of Alberta Press.


The Alberta Order of Excellence Act was accorded royal assent in the Alberta Legislature on November 16, 1979, and named the Lieutenant Governor of Alberta as Chancellor of the Order.Section 2 of the Act states:

“There is hereby established a society of honour to be known as the Alberta Order of Excellence consisting of those persons who are Members of the Order. The object of the Order is to accord recognition to those persons who have rendered service of the greatest distinction and of singular excellence for or on behalf of the residents of Alberta.”

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