Humboldt Memorials

As memorials and celebrations of life take place to honour those who died in the Humboldt tragedy, Doug and I join with Canadians across the country in offering our heartfelt love and support to the families and friends who are mourning.

This terrible moment has reminded us all to cherish those who are most important to us. It has also served as a powerful reminder that, in times of trouble, tremendous strength can be found in our families, our communities, our province and our fellow Canadians as a whole. Caring, compassion and generosity are hallmarks of the Canadian spirit. Those qualities quickly came to the fore following the accident, and that collective spirit of love and support will continue to be important to the ongoing recovery of the survivors.

We are keeping the injured in our thoughts and prayers, however long their journeys to recovery may be, and we trust that each new day will bring hope and healing. We also offer our respect and admiration to the first responders, doctors, nurses and other health care professionals who gave their all to treat the victims, and who will continue to stand by those affected in months and years ahead. 

May time bring some measure of peace, comfort and healing to all those affected.

Her Honour, the Honourable Lois E. Mitchell, Lieutenant Governor of Alberta