National Indigenous History Month and Indigenous Peoples Day Message from the Lieutenant Governor

June 2020

As Her Majesty the Queen’s representative in Alberta, it is my sincere pleasure to mark National Indigenous History Month and to join with all Canadians in honouring National Indigenous Peoples Day on June 21.  My role as a Crown representative gives me many precious opportunities to meet with, and learn from, First Nations and Métis communities. It’s one of the most meaningful aspects of my role and I treasure the friendships that I`ve had the honour of building with Indigenous people of all ages. Every meeting is an opportunity to strengthen connections and to build greater understanding.

This month’s celebrations serve to remind us that the treaty relationships and the history we all share are not abstract concepts. They are living, breathing things shaped by the integrity, empathy and courage that we each bring to the table as part of an ongoing process. It’s important for us all to listen, to learn and to honour the valued contributions of Indigenous people in a wide range of endeavours.  

To Indigenous leaders across this land, thank you for sharing your wisdom with me, and for all that you do to foster understanding and create success. To our Indigenous youth, artists, innovators and future leaders, I encourage each of you to proudly embrace your strengths and to share your own unique voice with joy, courage and confidence. To all, be well and enjoy the celebrations!

Her Honour, the Honourable Lois E. Mitchell, Lieutenant Governor of Alberta