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Learn about the Lieutenant Governor

This whole website is designed to provide information about the Office of the Lieutenant Governor, what the role represents and who has been, and is, Lieutenant Governor of Alberta.  

This page is geared towards school-aged children, with interactive and fun materials to help them learn about the Office of the Lieutenant Governor.

Did you know?  

The Legislative Assembly Office hosts a School at the Legislature program for Grade 6 students across Alberta. Teachers can bring their classroom to the Alberta Legislature for an entire week, and as part of this program, there is an opportunity to meet the Lieutenant Governor.  

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Did you know that February 15 is National Flag of Canada Day?

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Alberta's 19th Lieutenant Governor, Her Honour the Honourable Salma Lakhani began her duties on August 26,2020. We're preparing a short, kid-friendly biography of Her Honour to share a bit about who she is, what she did before she became Lieutenant Governor and a little bit about her family. Check back soon!







You'll find these quick and fun puzzles will tell you about Alberta's Lieutenant Governors and some of the work they do.

Word Jumble           Crossword              Word Search

Now that you've done the puzzles, check your answers.


Have you made a cootie catcher before?  Here are a couple of Lieutenant Governor ones!  Print and cut around the outside of the cootie catcher.  Fold it in half and then half again into a square.  Open it out, turn it over so the top is blank, and fold each corner into the middle.  Turn it over, and fold the corners into the middle again.  Now fold it in half and slide your thumbs and pointer fingers into the pockets and press them together in the middle, so that the cootie catch touches in the middle. Now you can quiz your friends!

Cootie Catcher 1                Cootie Catcher 2