Members are inducted into the Order at a special ceremony at Government House in Edmonton.

The Lieutenant Governor of Alberta, Chancellor of the Order of Excellence, presents the new members with a medallion and a personalized illuminated scroll.

2018 Alberta Order of Excellence Investiture Ceremony


The insignia of the Alberta Order of Excellence consists of a silver, gilt and enamel medallion attached to a ribbon, distinctive to the province, which is worn around the neck. Newly-invested members are also presented with a miniature of the insignia design. Members of the Order are entitled to use the post nominals A.O.E.

The official seal of the Order is used with the insignia design on ceremonial documents.

The Medallion

The four translucent arms of the medallion are enamelled in blue and are convex, with gold detail underneath the enamel representing prairie wheat.

The roses and rose leaves contained in the angles of the cross are part burnished gold and portray the floral emblem of Alberta.

The coat of arms of Alberta is highlighted in the central circle, which is surrounded by an enamel ring containing the title “The Alberta Order of Excellence.” On the reverse is the maple leaf emblem of Canada, supported by a wreath of wheat.

Alberta’s coat of arms is made up of the Alberta shield, resting on a base of grass and wild roses, with a crest above and supporters on either side. The shield features St. George’s Cross on a background of white, along with blue sky, mountains, green hills, prairie and a wheat field. The crest consists of a Royal Crown resting on a beaver, which is sitting on top of a helmet with a red and silver wreath. A pronghorn antelope and lion support the shield on either side. The motto of Alberta’s coat of arms is Fortis et Liber (Strong and Free).

Illuminated Scrolls

Each member of the Alberta Order of Excellence receives an illuminated scroll signed by the chancellor and the chair of the Alberta Order of Excellence, commemorating his or her investiture into the Order. A similar scroll is added to the Book of Records, the official account of members of the Alberta Order of Excellence.

The scrolls feature Alberta’s coat-of-arms and other provincial symbols including the bighorn sheep, the great horned owl, the Alberta rose and the lodgepole pine. Each scroll is personalized with coats-of-arms and other insignia chosen by the member.

About the Artist

The illuminated scrolls are handmade by Sherwood Park artist Wendy Morris. Wendy was born in Edmonton and later began her artistic career there. She has received extensive instruction in various mediums, but chooses to divide her time between calligraphy and painting in oils. Wendy’s work hangs throughout Canada and the United States.

Portrait Galleries

Portraits of members of the Alberta Order of Excellence are displayed in two portrait galleries, located in the Northern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium in Edmonton and the Southern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium in Calgary.

The galleries are open to the public. Admission is free.

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